Trabajos del Staff de ICATE sin referato

AÑO 2022


Effect of cold deformation in quench and tempered medium-carbon steel bars microstructure

Aranda, V.H., Carazo, F.D., García, L.N, Celentano, D.J., Tolley, A.J.

Materials Science and Technology (United Kingdom), 2022, 38(4), pp. 230–236


NIRDust: Near Infrared Dust finder for Type2 AGN K-band spectra

Gaspar, Gaia; Chalela, Martin; Cabral, Juan B.; Alacoria, Jose; Mast, Damián; Díaz, Rubén



Swift XRT observations of BD Cam

Lima, I. J.; Luna, G. J. M.; Nuñez, N. E.