Trabajos del Staff de ICATE con referato

AÑO 2018

Rayleigh scattering in dense fluid helium

Rohrmann, René D.


Dramatic change in the boundary layer in the symbiotic recurrent nova T Coronae Borealis

Luna, G. J. M.; Mukai, K.; Sokoloski, J. L.; Nelson, T.; Kuin, P.; Segreto, A.; Cusumano, G.; Jaque Arancibia, M.; Nuñez, N. E.


X-ray, UV, and optical observations of the accretion disk and boundary layer in the symbiotic star RT Crucis

Luna, G. J. M.; Mukai, K.; Sokoloski, J. L.; Lucy, A. B.; Cusumano, G.; Segreto, A.; Jaque Arancibia, M.; Nuñez, N. E.; Puebla, R. E.; Nelson, T.; Walter, F.

Discovery of a Hot Symbiotic Star in the Cold Antarctic Sky: Symbiotics Are Outliers in SkyMapper uvgriz Photometry

Lucy, Adrian B.; Sokoloski, J. L.; Nuñez, N. E.; Wolf, C.; Bohlsen, T.; Luna, G. J. M

Búsqueda de ciclos de actividad cromosféricos mediante espectros CASLEO y HARPS

Flores, M. G.; Collado, A. E.; Saffe, C. E.; Buccino, A. P.; Jaque Arancibia, M.

HD 38858: a solar type star with a ∼∼10.8 yr activity cycle. Searching for Balmer and metallic line variations

Flores, M.; González, J. F.; Jaque Arancibia, M.; Saffe, C.; Buccino, A.; López, F. M.; Ibañez Bustos, R. V; Miquelarena, P.

HD 38858: a solar-type star with an activity cycle of ∼10.8 yr. Searching for variations in the Balmer and metallic lines

Flores, M.; González, J. F.; Jaque Arancibia, M.; Saffe, C.; Buccino, A.; López, F. M.; Ibañez Bustos, R. V.; Miquelarena, P.

Using non-solar-scaled opacities to derive stellar parameters. Toward high-precision parameters and abundances

Saffe, C.; Flores, M.; Miquelarena, P.; López, F. M.; Jaque Arancibia, M.; Collado, A.; Jofré, E.; Petrucci, R.

Energetic particles effects on the global atmospheric electric circuit

Tacza Anaya, José Carlos; Makhmutov, Vladimir; Raulin, Jean-Pierre; Fernandez, German; Marun, Adolfo; Stozhkov, Yuri

Solar Effects on the Atmospheric Electric Field During 2010-2015 at Low Latitudes

Tacza, J.; Raulin, J. -P.; Mendonca, R. R. S.; Makhmutov, V. S.; Marun, A.; Fernandez, G.

Cation distribution in orthopyroxenes from São João Nepomuceno iron meteorite inferred from 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy: Implications for thermal history and origin of IVA parent body

Dos Santos, Edivaldo; Scorzelli, Rosa B.; Varela, Maria E.

Infrared Spectroscopy of Carbonaceous-chondrite Inclusions in the Kapoeta Meteorite: Discovery of Nanodiamonds with New Spectral Features and Astrophysical Implications

Abdu, Yassir A.; Hawthorne, Frank C.; Varela, Maria E.

Quest for the Donor Star in the Magnetic Precataclysmic Variable V1082 Sgr

Tovmassian, G.; González, J. F.; Hernández, M. -S.; González–Buitrago, D.; Zharikov, S.; Hernández Santisteban, J. V.

HD 149277: a rare short-period SB2 system with a subsynchronously rotating magnetic He-rich primary

González, J. F.; Hubrig, S.; Järvinen, S. P.; Schöller, M.