Trabajos del Staff de ICATE con referato

AÑO  2015


Accurate absolute parameters of the binary system V4089 Sgr

Veramendi, M. E.; González, J. F.


Uncovering the Nucleus Candidate for NGC 253

Günthardt, G. I.; Agüero, M. P.; Camperi, J. A.; Díaz, R. J.; Gomez, P. L.; Bosch, G.; Schirmer, M.


Uncovering the nucleus candidate for NGC 253

Diaz, Ruben; Gunthardt, Guillermo; Aguero, Maria; Camperi, Javier; Gomez, Percy; Bosch, Guillermo; Schirmer, Mischa


Nonporphyritic chondrules and chondrule fragments in enstatite chondrites: Insights into their origin and secondary processing

Varela, M. E.; Sylvester, P.; BrandstäTter, F.; Engler, A.


Tsangpoite,IMA 2014-2010.CNMNC Newsletter N° 25

Hwang,S-L, Shen P., Chu H-T., Yui T.F., Varela, M.E.,Lizuka Y.

2015-79,(3) 529-535

Mineralogical Magazine

Glass-bearing inclusions in Shergotty and Chassigny: Consistent samples of a primary trapped melt?

Varela, M.E. and Zinner E.

2015 Meteoriticsand Planetary Science (In press)

Kuratite, Ca4(Fe210Ti2)O2[Si8Al4O36], The Fe2+- analogue of rhönite, a new mineral fromthe D´Orbigny angrite  meteorite                                           

Hwang, S-L, Shen P., Chu H.-T., Yui T.F.

2015 Mineralogical Magazine (In press)

Santa Lucia (2008) (L6) chondrite, a recent fall: composition, noble gases, nitrogen and cosmic ray exposure age.

Mahajan R.t R., Varela M.E. and Joron J.L

(2015) Earth, Moon, and Planets (in press).

A new massive double-lined spectroscopic binary system: The Wolf-Rayet star WR 68a

Collado, A.; Gamen, R.; Barbá, R. H.; Morrell, N.


HD 80606: searching for the chemical signature of planet formation

Saffe, C.; Flores, M.; Buccino, A.


Stellar parameters and chemical abundances of 223 evolved stars with and without planets

Jofré, E.; Petrucci, R.; Saffe, C.; Saker, L.; de la Villarmois, E. Artur; Chavero, C.; Gómez, M.; Mauas, P. J. D.